Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga:  A safe, nurturing class.  Perfect for beginners, prenatal/postnatal women, seniors, people recovering from injury.  No yoga experience necessary.

 Kripalu Yoga:  A conscious practice of physical yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for integrating body, mind and spirit.  Kripalu means "compassion" and approaches the practice of yoga with the intentions of awareness, self-acceptance and authenticity.  All levels welcome. 

Prenatal Yoga:  Classes create a community of women staying healthy and active during this unique stage of life.  Designed to stretch, strengthen and relax.  No yoga experience necessary.

Slow Flow: Looking for a vinyasa class without all the rush?  Enjoy a mindful, slow paced practice with a delicious blend of breath and movement.  You'll build strength and stamina plus you'll also reap the benefits of inner calm.  All levels welcome.  

Yin/Yang Practice—The class begins with yang (active) and ends with yin (passive). The yang portion is a slow flowing practice designed to awaken and stretch the body.  The yin portion invites you to melt into longer, more passively held postures.  This is a deeply satisfying practice for all levels. 

Yoga for Fertility:  A gentle class designed to reduce stress, cultivate a more loving connection to your body, gently stimulate energy and circulation in the reproductive tract. The fertility journey has a huge impact on both partners.  These classes offer couples a wonderful opportunity to decompress and rejuvenate together.   No yoga experience necessary. 

 Yoga for Stress Relief:  A slower-paced class (some restorative yoga as well) designed to release blocked energy and relieve tension in the body and mind.  Breathing techniques paired with gentle movement make this class ideal for beginners or more advanced practitioners looking for stress relief.  This class is also appropriate for prenatal and postnatal women.