Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga:  This soothing practice moves slowly through postures using the breath to remain present. It is a perfect class for beginners; those recovering from an injury or with limited mobility;  or those who prefer a softer approach to yoga.  It is structured around healing and rejuvenating.  All levels welcome.  

Hatha Yoga:  This class is designed to strengthen the body; calm the mind; release tension; enhance confidence and nurture a feeling of overall  well-being.  All levels welcome.

Kripalu Yoga:  Kripalu means "compassion" and in keeping with its name approaches the practice of yoga with the intentions of awareness, self-acceptance and authenticity. Designed to stretch, strengthen and balance your body. All levels welcome.

Prenatal Yoga:  Prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to experience the journey of pregnancy. Designed with all stages of pregnancy in mind, expect a combination of active, flowing postures as well as restorative postures to relax and nourish the body. This is a serene, supportive community allowing you to connect with other moms-to-be.  No yoga experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga:  This deliciously slow practice incorporates both restorative and yin postures to help release tension on a much deeper level.  Breath work sprinkled with gentle movements will help bring balance and peace back into your life.  Everyone is welcome.

Slow Flow:  This slower-paced vinyasa practice combines a delicious blend of breath and mindful movement. Build strength and stamina, dissolve tension and savor a deep sense of well-being. Experience Suggested: 6 months

Yoga for Stress Relief:  Are you ready for more balance and less stress in your life?  This slow, deep practice will help release mental and physical tension stored in the body, leaving you feeling nourished and grounded.  Everyone is welcome.

Yoga for Fertility:  This relaxing class is designed to reduce stress; cultivate a more loving connection to the body; gently stimulate energy and circulation in the reproductive tract.  No yoga experience necessary.  Partners welcome.