Class Descriptions

Kripalu Yoga:  Kripalu means "compassion" and in keeping with its name approaches the practice of yoga with the intentions of awareness, self-acceptance and authenticity. Designed to stretch, strengthen and balance your body. All levels welcome.

Prenatal Yoga:  Prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to experience the journey of pregnancy. Designed with all stages of pregnancy in mind, expect a combination of active, flowing postures as well as restorative postures to relax and nourish the body. This is a serene, supportive community allowing you to connect with other moms-to-be.  No yoga experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga:  This deliciously slow practice incorporates both restorative and yin postures to help release tension on a much deeper level.  Breath work sprinkled with gentle movements will help bring balance and peace back into your life.  Everyone is welcome.

Yoga Basics:  This fun, informative class moves slowly so that you may:  develop safe alignment in postures; cultivate confidence and ease through the use of props and modifications; ask questions as they arise; build strength and flexibility at a safe pace.  This well-rounded class is ideal for those new to yoga or anyone wishing to fine-tune their practice.

Yoga for Fertility:  A gentle class designed to reduce stress, cultivate a more loving connection to your body and gently stimulate energy and circulation in the reproductive tract. The fertility journey has a huge impact on both partners.  These classes offer couples a wonderful opportunity to decompress and rejuvenate together.   No yoga experience necessary. 

Yoga for Stress Relief:  Feeling Stressed? This slow, deep practice will help release mental and physical tension stored in the body, leaving you feeling nourished and grounded. All levels welcome.