How to Select a Yoga Mat

It is important to own a yoga mat if you practice on a regular basis.  The correct yoga mat can make a world of difference to your personal practice.  There are many different types of mats from which to choose. 

  This is an article that may help you choose the type of mat appropriate for your personal practice.

 An article about choosing an environmentally-friendly yoga mat.

 Some Yoga Mat Brands:

Manduka Yoga Mat

Prana Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat


Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

It is important to wash your yoga mat when it begins to lose its stickiness.  Take a few drops of dish soap or laundry detergent and add to a spray bottle filled with water.  Spray your mat (both sides) and rub with a clean cloth.  Then rinse with clean water to remove any soap.  Place a long towel over your mat and roll it.  Let stand for several hours or, if you have space, lay your mat flat to dry.  Your yoga mat does have a right and wrong side.  If your mat has a design or a label, that is the right side to practice on.  If you do not have a pattern or label and you are unsure which is the correct side, ask your yoga teacher or a yoga friend.