Intention For Your Practice

What do you think of when your teacher asks you to "set an intention"

for your yoga practice?

 Here are some ideas to help get you started:


**Ask yourself, "What is it I am hoping to create in my life by doing this practice today?"  Perhaps it is wellness, a sense of peace or acceptance, or maybe you would like to dedicate your practice to someone else who could use the energy

 **Acknowledge the gift of health


** If you are feeling vulnerable one day, you might challenge yourself to be strong.  Or you might remind yourself to be gentle with your body if you have an injury or just need to take it easy.  Setting your own intention is a great way to get even more in tune with your own body and its individual needs


**Allow yourself to turn inward--if only for a few moments


** Take the lessons you learn on the yoga mat and apply them to other areas of your life


**Take time to express gratitude for all your many gifts