Poems of the Week


 Hold the silence like

a mother holds her child.


Hold your ground while

all around you structures

crumble into nothing.

Focus on the still point

in your center until you

are filled with light, until


Spirit speaks to you in

words you understand,

until the love in your


heart grows so strong,

it must be shared.


By Danna Faulds



Surrender is Everything


“Surrender is everything,” he said

to me as we walked one foggy

evening on the lane.


I tried it, letting go, allowing truth

to swallow me whole, digest me, spit me

out again. I tried it, releasing my tight

grip on mind and what I thought my

world should look like. Life flowed

into me then, astonishingly fresh.

I came alive in ways I couldn’t have

guessed, experiencing life as if I was

a newly opened blossom.


“Yes,” I said the next night as we

walked. “Surrender is everything.”


by Danna Faulds