Poems of the Week



I lay myself down

on the welcoming

ground, the earth’s

spine becoming mine.

Peace seeps into

heavy limbs and

slows my heartbeat

to the pace of

nature. I take refuge

in the quiet, and let

my burdens go,

one by one, until

the earth and I

both float in the

same vast and

holy silence.


by Danna Faulds




Your Full Expression


Stretch long, and longer

still. Reach wide until

the expanding space

inside is filled with

light. What began as

willful practice now

generates its own energy.


Offer this, the radiance

of you, back to the

universe. The give and

take of breath calls forth

your full expression,

birthing something new,

something crucial, that

no posture can contain.


by Danna Faulds






Doubts are endless. I vow

to see through each one

and name the fear beneath.


Fear is bottomless. I vow

to feel it without

believing it is real.


Distractions surround me.

I vow to pay close attention

to what is true.


Escape beckons. I vow to

stay present through the

thousand urges to flee,

the thousand forgettings,

the thousand and one



by Danna Faulds