Accept what is.

Let go of what was

Have faith in what will be.

By Sonia Rico


The Weaver and the Loom

Sit here for a bit. Place yourself

outside the frenzied pace of life.

Slow down long enough to

appreciate birds in flight, water

drops like prisms in the grass and

countless shades of green. Step

off the fast track and listen to the

sound of breath and birdsong. Take

a moment to just be, and in the being,

know the whole of this creation,

mystery and madness, passion and

profanity, know it all as one, stunning

tapestry. Sit still and the thin line

between sacred and profane simply

fades away. There is nothing then

to reconcile. All the disparate threads

are woven on the loom of life. Sit here

for a bit and your unique place in the

pattern becomes clear. Take the still

point with you when it’s time to walk

away. Make the choice to see affinity,

to watch the picture taking shape as

thread joins thread. Dare to be the

weaver and the loom, creator and

creation, the sower and the sown.

In a moment of stillness, all that

came before is seen as one.


By Danna Faulds