Poems of the Week

It Is Enough


It is enough right now

to taste one moment of

peace. Of course I want

more, but at least the

door is open.


It is enough to draw a

conscious breath and

let my hands relax,

fingers releasing their

tight grasp on things

outside of my control.


It is enough to shed a

layer of stress as if

taking off a jacket or a

pair of too-tight shoes.


Ease of being has to

start somewhere.

This breath is my

first step.


by Danna Faulds



Mother of the Universe


Holy mother of the universe,

some inner compass knows

that you exist, and points

to the kiss of sun on crocus.


I kneel to touch their loveliness,

those colorful explosions of

hope amidst the cold. Crouched

there, heart beating near the

earth, I sense you pouring life

force into everything, holding

a vessel that is always full.


Holy mother of the universe,

you who offer sustenance and love,

give life to buds, and turn winter

into spring, I turn my face in your

direction. Drinking, I am filled.


by Danna Faulds