Poems of the Week

The Taste of Truth


For the moment, I’ve stopped struggling.

The undertow tugs at my clothes, and the

current takes me where it will. Surrender

sounds like defeat, but this tastes like

victory, the sweet release into something

open, empty, yet complete. My heart

speaks, instructing me to relinquish all

control. I close my eyes and see myself

dissolving while remaining whole.

When, at last, I am delivered gasping to

the shore, I know it was the letting go

that brought me home. I was saved

not by my strength, but by daring to

be vulnerable and weightless, choosing

not to hold onto any of the debris that

floated past me. Truth tastes salty, like

tears, or the wind-whipped spray torn

from the froth of breakers. Truth tastes

like drowning, feels like being spit out

of the belly of the whale to stand inside

a larger footprint on the sand.


by Danna Faulds





Here. Right here, right now,

bring your mind to this place

and time. Invite it, even if it

resists, to sit and witness

what it is to be alive. Let

there be no ulterior motive

in this moment but to be.


Rest on the waves of breath

and choose to experience

all of it. Let thoughts float

through and leave again, as

the mind slowly settles like

snow inside a shaken


This is all there is. Here.

Right here and now.


by Danna Faulds