Poems of the Week

Truth is Infinite


I shift from light

to dark, from fear

to knowing, from

separate to whole

and back again a

thousand times

each day, but truth

is patient. It waits,

undiminished by

my circumstances,

not wavering even a

fraction of a degree

from reality. Truth

waits until I wake,

until I leave my

forgetfulness behind,

until I gather all my

courage and look

inside. Fear only

seems bottomless;

truth is infinite.


by Danna Faulds



Praise to the Creator


Praise to the creator of these

snowflakes. Praise to the One

who fashioned seasons out of

nothing, cardinals out of dust,

oak trees out of water, rock,

and primal wonder. Praise to the

spinner of dreams, the conjurer

who put green into grass, heat

in summer, raised mountains

from the flatlands. Praise to the

invisible things, to air and energy,

and sound waves coalescing

into symphonies. Praise to the

giver of gifts and that which

takes our last breath back into

vastness, mixing it with love

and starstuff so we too are

infinite, nothing truly lost

in the transitions.


by Danna Faulds